Returns are accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition as received, that is neither having been damaged by improper handling or storage, nor opened the packaging and always along with the purchase receipt.


The products to be replaced must be in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage and their packaging must be the one that normally accompanies the product and must be in excellent condition.


In any case, return and replacement is possible under the following conditions:

  1. Wrong products or products of poor and defective quality were sold (wrong in receiving the order, in the invoicing, in the shipment or in bad packaging) through the fault of SIMERON company
  2. There is a problem / actual defect in the product (operation or quality) which is covered by the product warranty and if the warranty has been given by SIMERON company.
  3. You must contact the same or the next working day from the date of collection of your order with our store www.smokingpaper .gr
  4. The product has not been used.
  5. The product is accompanied by all the necessary documents proving the transaction (eg bill of goods, invoice, receipt)

The replacement of the products is effected with same or similar products from our catalog of equal or greater value. In case of higher value, you are charged only with the difference in value from the total of the returned item(s).


The maximum period for claiming return & replacement shall not extend beyond thirty (30) calendar days from order delivery.


To avoid your own inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check the condition of the products sold at the time of delivery of your order in order to identify any issues. (eg incomplete pieces , obvious defects, wrong type, etc.).


In case of return and replacement, both the shipment cost for the return and the replacement of the products is on company’s side.


The maximum period for replacement of products is set at 15 calendar days from the date of collection.


If you wish to return the products you bought from us, please contact directly via the contact form here or by phone.


We guarantee the quality of the products we sell. However, we cannot rule out unfortunate events or discrepancies. In any case, the following statements of withdrawal from the above mentioned apply:

  1. In case the products are not returned within 30 days then SIMERON may not accept any return and replacement.
  2. We are not responsible for cases of bad handling by the carrier.
  3. In no case is there any monetary compensation for the returned items. The only exception is the inability of replacement within the specified period due to unavailability or force majeure.
  4. In case of deviation from the conditions of return and replacement and if you wish to resend you the returned products, you will be charged with the total handling and shipment cost. That is, the initial shipping cost for the return, the shipping cost for the re-shipment, and any additional transactional costs that may be incurred a case by case basis.